Golden Grimoire Slot Overview: Features, Bonus RTP

Golden Grimoire Slot

The term “Grimoire” may already be known to you if you have a magical bent. However, if you’re anything like us and your knowledge of witchcraft is limited to what you’ve learned from watching a few episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, you’d probably need to look it up.

Despite the fact that the book itself is thought to have its origins in the ancient Middle East, a short search finds that the word “Grimoire” is thought to have come from Old French. The “Grimoire” turns out to be a book of magic that contains instructions on how to create magical artifacts, specifically amulets and talismans, and is really just another term for a witch’s diary.

Golden Grimoire Slot is a low to medium volatility, 5-reel, 4-row slot machine that has 40 fixed paylines. The game’s RTP setting is set to 96.44% and it accepts bets of 0.20 to 400 EUR per spin. Golden Grimoire Slot may appear a little perplexing at first, but it is actually a rather straightforward design that places a strong emphasis on symbol transformation in both the regular game and the bonus.

The aesthetic aspect has undergone significant effort, as you would anticipate from NetEnt, and the end result is as spectacular as ever. There are a lot of subtle elements and animations to engage your mental mind in this game, which is set inside a sorcerer’s chamber.

Secret writing and esoteric symbols that surface magically as the reels turn, a starry sky that reveals the Earth’s orbit, and a scatter tease that causes objects to eerily float in the air. All of it shows off Netent’s amazing talent with grace. If only mathematicians had the same freedom to express themselves.

Golden Grimoire Slot: Symbols, Paytable & Features

Golden Grimoire Slot
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The regular game and bonus both have fully stacked reels with all eight of the standard symbols. Hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds are among the symbols found on the reels, along with beetles, snakes, cephalopod mollusks, and spiders who are clutching precious stones.

The spider is the most lucrative symbol, paying out one times your wager for five of a kind on a payline.

The Mystery sign, which appears as a spellbook with a question mark, is essential to the game. It appears completely stacked on the reels like all other symbols do, however in the main game, it can only show up on reels 3, 4, and 5. When it touches down, a random symbol is chosen, and all occurrences of the Mystery symbols are changed into that symbol.

Now, all of the symbols in that row will change to the Mystery symbol if it matches the leftmost symbol in the same row. However, if the Mystery symbol transforms into a wild, the same thing occurs, only that regardless of the symbol on the first reel, all symbols in that row now function as wilds.

A golden skull is used to represent the wild and can only be seen through symbol transformation.

Golden Grimoire Slot: Free Spins

If three scatter symbols appear on reels 1, 3, and 5, respectively, you will receive 8 free spins. Here, the Mystery sign is the key, and while its basic operation is the same, it also offers a few more advantages.

Now that reel 2 has been added, the stacked Mystery books can be seen there as well. What’s more, any Mystery symbol that lands on the reels will stay there for the duration of the bonus round. There are many online sites to play games like DEPOBET88 there are many other games such as sports games and judi bola.

Since the bonus cannot be re-triggered, it is crucial to land as many sticky books as you can at the beginning of the bonus in order to benefit from it at all. Even if you are fortunate enough to spin a full-screen top-paying symbol, the reward will never exceed 200 times your bet. Expect no more than 1000x from this benefit unless our numbers are completely off the wall, and even that would be quite improbable.

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Golden Grimoire Slot: Conclusion

Given the barrage of criticism NetEnt has recently faced for precisely this reason, it is somewhat amazing to see the firm continue to promote such low potential rubbish. 

We truly expected a fresh start at the start of a new year because the CEO of NetEnt herself was so open about her struggles, hinting at self-awareness and offering quite a somber perspective.

We are unable to provide you with any legitimate justifications to play this nonsense from a gambling perspective, unless for some reason you’re specifically like Slot machines with a medium volatility that have little to no potential and are prepared to make you waste time by going in circles.

Matching your socks is a better option if all you want from a slot is to pass the time and keep yourself engaged. Give your design team a raise and take excellent care of them, NetEnt. They could be the only thing keeping you in the game.

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