Experience the Thrill of Golf with Golden Tour Slot Demo: A Comprehensive Review

Golden Tour Slot Demo

Golden Tour slot demo  is a popular online slot game developed by Playtech, one of the leading software providers in the online gambling industry. 

This game is themed around the sport of golf and offers players the opportunity to win big prizes while enjoying the thrill of the game. In this article we will be going over a review of the Golden Tour Slot demo.

Golden Tour Review

Gameplay and Design

Golden Tour Slot Demo
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Golden Tour slot demo features a simple and straightforward design with a 5×3 reel layout and 5 paylines. The game symbols include various golfing equipment such as golf balls, golf clubs, and golf carts, as well as animal characters such as ducks, gophers, and cats. 

The game also features a wild symbol represented by a golden ball and two scatter symbols represented by the gopher and duck symbols.

To start playing, players must first select their desired bet amount and the number of paylines they wish to play. 

The minimum bet amount is $0.01 per payline, while the maximum bet amount is $5 per payline. This means that the maximum bet for a single spin is $25.

Once the bet is set, players can hit the spin button and watch the reels spin. If the symbols on the reels match a winning combination on one of the active paylines, players will be rewarded with a payout based on the paytable.

Special Features

Golden Tour slot demo  offers several special features that can help players increase their chances of winning big. The first is the wild symbol, which can substitute for any other symbol except the scatter symbols to create winning combinations.

The game also features a bonus game triggered by landing three or more of the gopher or duck scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. 

In this bonus game, players must choose a golf club, a ball, and a hole to reveal a prize. The more scatter symbols that triggered the bonus game, the higher the potential payout.

Finally, Golden Tour slot demo  also features a gamble feature that allows players to gamble their winnings for a chance to double or quadruple their payout. 

To use this feature, players must guess the color or suit of a card drawn from a deck. A correct guess will double or quadruple the player’s winnings, while an incorrect guess will result in the loss of the original winnings. Visit the Gasing777 site for other interesting slot playing experiences.

RTP [Return to players]

Golden Tour slot demo  slot has an RTP of 97.71%. This is considered to be a high RTP rate, which means that players have a good chance of winning back a significant amount of their wagers over the long term. 

The high RTP rate also indicates that the game has a low house edge, which means that the casino’s advantage over the player is relatively small.

It’s worth noting that the RTP rate is based on the game’s long-term performance, which means that it may not accurately reflect the results of any given session. Players can still experience short-term winning or losing streaks when playing Golden Tour slot demo  or any other slot game.


Overall, Golden Tour slot demo r is an enjoyable and entertaining online slot game that is perfect for both golf enthusiasts and casual players. With its simple gameplay, attractive design, and special features, it offers players the chance to win big while having fun. So, if you’re looking for a new online slot game to try out, be sure to give Golden Tour slot demo  a spin!

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