Grand Junction Moscow Magic Slot Reviews RTP 96.51% (Playtech)

Grand Junction Moscow Magic Slot Reviews
Grand Junction Moscow Magic Slot Reviews

Welcome 2022! Where you can find the Grand Junction Moscow Magic slot reviews easily here. Playtech launched off the series with a strange mix of steam trains and Inca culture, but in Grand Junction: Moscow Magic, we’re getting something that suits the trip concept a little better. 

For the second daftar slot online machine in the series, we’re traveling to Moscow, and because this is a city and a culture with so much to offer visitors, there will be no shortage of interesting symbols to find. They didn’t use the theme to its maximum potential, however the themed symbols look fantastic.

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Grand Junction Moscow Magic Slot Reviews: The Newest Game

Grand Junction: Moscow Magic includes a total of 5×3 reels and 50 paylines for the player to choose from. The best prize it has to offer is a 2,000x stake Grand Jackpot, which is paid out through the slot’s best feature. 

Overall, the risk/reward ratio is good, with the volatility set at medium and the RTP at 96.51%. The Grand Junction feature, free spins, two scatters, and the Towers Wild are among the game’s primary features.

Grand Junction Moscow Magic Slot Reviews
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1. Bet and Bonus

As soon as the game begins, a bet choice will appear, asking how much you wish to bet on each coin. Because there are ten coins in the bet, you can choose from $0.01 to $50 in coins, for a total of $0.10 to $500.

Grand Junction: Moscow Magic has the potential to payout spectacularly, but only if you can get the primary features up and running. Grand Junction has a Grand Jackpot worth 2,000 times the bet, which is the main goal. Regular winning combos pay up to 40 coins per line, therefore the maximum payout in a single spin is 2,000 coins (200x the stake).

Moreover, while the main game doesn’t pay very much, the top prize is well worth a medium volatility release. The slot’s RTP of 96.51% is another big plus in its advantage.

2. Slot Features in Moscow Magic

The Towers from Red Square will appear as the wild symbol, landing on all five reels and working as a substitute as well as one of two symbols that pay the most when creating their own wins (up to 40 coins per combo). This is simply a replacement for the regulars; it does not replace the 2 scatters.

The Faberge Egg, which is red and gold in color and can only appear once each reel, is the first of the two scatters. If you get it on 3, 4, or 5 reels, you’ll win 1x to 50x your bet, plus you’ll get 11 free spins. 

This feature can be retriggered in the same way and with the same number of extra spins. The top symbol and wild are clumped together in groups, which is a major difference.

The Main Feature

You’ll need 5 Steam Train icons to land at the same moment to go to the primary feature, the Grand Junction. It is divided into two steps:

  • Hold and Spin for a total of 9 rotations. New money and Trains become sticky in this mode, and conductors provide you three additional spins. You can win up to 5x your stake by collecting coins, and you can advance to the second stage by collecting 3 to 6 Trains.
  • One of the 4 set jackpots can be won in the Bonus Game. There is only one spin here, and numerous numbers will appear, one per reel or all at once. Trains can land and provide you with much more data. 

When all of these numbers are added together, a score is generated, which specifies the jackpot and which of its four values will be delivered. A score of 44 to 50 is required for the top one.

3. Design and Theme

For the slot’s concept, there is a train and Moscow combination in theory. In actuality, you hardly ever see the Train icon, especially though it can trigger key features. The background will be Moscow’s Red Square, and the reels will have both connected and unrelated symbols.

Six Royals, from Nine to Ace, are found in the unrelated ones. The Matrioshka Dolls, a Tea Samovar, a Bear, and a Cossack Man are shown in the upper ones. Towers, Faberge Eggs, and the Grand Junction symbol are all featured.

To conclude this Grand Junction Moscow Magic slot review, the design and subject are nicer to those seen in the last game in the series. However, the majority of its potential is dependent on its features, and the paid spins do not provide enough excitement on their own.

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