Best Japanese Songs MP3 Download on MP3Juice 2022

Best Japanese Songs MP3 Download
Best Japanese Songs MP3 Download

In 2022, you must be wondering what the best Japanese songs mp3 download. February is a difficult month for artists: music fans are waiting for the next year-defining record. 

It’s a make-or-break month for both established artists and newcomers alike, as to whether they make their mark and set themselves up for the rest of the year, or get lost in the oncoming wave of new sounds.

Lists of The Best Japanese Songs MP3 Download

This month has already seen a slew of high-profile releases, but now we’re highlighting our picks for the top 7 Japanese songs of the year.

1. Hikaru Toki by Hitsujibungaku

Hitsujibungaku, a Tokyo-based indie rock band, released Hikaru Toki, a snappy bittersweet single (When the Light Shines).

It’s a track with a soaring melody and emotional vocals that’s both hopeful and depressing, but its tone will linger with you even after only one listen.

The Heike Story, an anime adaptation of Hideo Furukawa’s 2016 translation of The Tale of the Heike, premiered in 2021 with the song as the opening theme. Enjoy this song on MP3Juice.

Best Japanese Songs MP3 Download

2. In This World by Mondo Grosso

In This World is the first track from Mondo Grosso’s upcoming album BIG WORLD, which is one of our most anticipated albums for 2022 so far.

In This World is a compelling and moving dance music featuring vocals by Hikari Mitsushima and piano by Ryuichi Sakamoto, a returning partner. It’s not only the best dance music we’ve heard this month, but it could be the best we hear all year, thanks to its dramatic string backdrop and thunderous EDM pace.

3. Whole by Chai

It’s been difficult to categorize CHAI over the years, but their new single WHOLE is more in line with the dance pop sounds that the band produced on their 2021 LP WINK.

WHOLE was produced by Scoobert Doobert and was inspired by the theme music of Japanese TV dramas from the 1990s, with lyrics based on the ideals of universal and unconditional love.

It’s a funky dance anthem with an addicting groove and entrancing vocals, and it’s the ideal way to start the year.

4. Planet Trash by Regal Lily

This month, Regal Lily released their second full-length album, Living Things as C, as well as a video for Planet Trash.

It covers the desire to connect with others as well as the loneliness that can be experienced in everyday life. Regal Lily’s strong rock sound is filled with bittersweet lyrics that transition from upbeat choruses to melancholy lyrics.

5. Glowing Arcade by Tamanaramen

Since 2017, Hana and Hikam, an electronic audio-visual sister combo, have been creating an ethereal mix of ambient, techno, and house.

Their latest track, glowing arcade, is a lighthearted yet delicate electronic soundscape with a trance beat that feels like a 90s revival tune while also being one of the month’s newest sounds.

6. NIETZSCHE by Odotte Bakari No Kuni

Odotte Bakari No Kuni is a Kobe-based rock band that blends the sounds of 1970s Japanese folk with western psychedelia, country, and a touch of 90s indie rock.

NIETZSCHE, their first single of the year, was recorded during their recent album release tour and debuted in the encore of the last show, although it’s far from a rushed effort.

Frontman Koji delivers a Bowie-esque vocal delivery on this dreamy existential folk piece that dabbles in the psychedelic. We’re not sure what will give you chills more than the triumphant crescendo at the end.

7. Saki Ni Itte Hoshikatta by Maharajan

Maharajan has consistently been creating some of Japan’s most standout dance rock and R&B tunes since his debut in 2019, but his latest single Saki Ni Itte Hoshikatta sees him try his hand at an entirely different style.

This new single, which features OKAMOTO’S bassist Hama Okamoto, is an alternative rock jam with surf rock verses and a strong chorus that reminds me of The Vines’ Highly Evolved phase.

Despite taking a fresh approach for this single, Maharajan retains the coolness and wit of his prior work, all while showing his skill as an artist to branch out and experiment with his sound.

Well… Have you found the best Japanese songs mp3 download from the list above? You can access it for free or at some paid streaming platforms such as Spotify and iTunes.