Jolly Roger 2 Slot Demo: Volatility, RTP Paylines

Jolly Roger 2 Slot Demo

Jolly Roger 2 Slot Demo. Developer Play’n GO is back with its 2012 buccaneering slot machine Jolly Roger after a protracted absence. In addition to significantly better graphics, Play’n GO has packed the sequel with more features than an old-time pirate has fangs.

Additionally, the studio was able to include a few nods to the original, which fans may find pleasing. If you’re ready, join us on a high seas feature-fest that includes free spin bonus games, random multipliers, and immediate winnings.

Jolly Roger 2 Slot Demo clearly outshines its predecessor in terms of visual appeal. If you’ve played the original, there is no way to emphasize how the two differ from one another. The semi-transparent 5-reel, 20-payline grid of Jolly Roger 2 is situated on a battle-ready ship at sea. The swashbuckling exploits depicted on screen are well matched by a stirringly theatrical soundtrack that fills in the blanks.

Jolly Roger 2 Slot Demo can be played on Aw8indo site on any device for 20 cents to £/€100 per spin, and the numbers it generates are typical of Play’n GO. The stats are as rock-solid as you’d expect with this developer, with a default RTP of 96.20%, medium to high volatility, and the 5,000x potential.

The 10 – A royals are the highest paying symbol on the paytable, followed by expensive skull rings, skull crucifixes, diamonds, and treasure chests. The high pays for a winning combination of five of a kind range in value from 5 to 10 times the wager. The treasure chest on a payline is worth the same as the skull and crossbones wild. In addition, all symbols in the game other than scatters can be replaced by wilds.

Jolly Roger 2 Slot Demo: Features

There are numerous features, just like in Rage of the Seas, a pirate-themed NetEnt slot. As always, we’ll try to be as clear as we can, but with so much to cover, it’s easy to get confused. Perhaps this is why they used treasure maps in those days. The Compass feature, which is the first, is activated at random and is located above the reels. The compass multiplies the current spin by x2, x3, x5, x8, or x10 when it comes to life.

When three scatters appear on reels 1, 3, and 5 of the original Jolly Roger slot, the Bonus Quest feature activates, satisfying the urge for picking for players. The player chooses from 12 scrolls until three additional features that match are shown. The Instant Prizes, a Bottle of Rum Free Spin, Treasure Hunt, and Battle Free Spins bonuses make up the total of 4 bonuses.

2x to 20x the bet is the one-time payout for instant prizes. Always keep in mind that the compass feature might join in and multiply the prize by up to 10. When the reels stop spinning during the Bottle of Rum Free Spin, five rum bottles will be visible.

Wins are then assessed after players have finished picking bottles and the poisoned one has been revealed. A random reel becomes completely wild for every bottle that isn’t poisoned. For an additional 10x, the compass feature can be used in this situation.

With 10 free spins, the Treasure Hunt gets started. A gaming map with a boat, a “X,” and a predetermined amount of moves is located beneath the reels. The boat progresses one location on the game map for every map symbol that appears on the reels.

A chest that contains two or three free spins and an upgrade is dug up when the boat reaches a “X” on the screen. Win multipliers, symbol upgrades, and symbol to wild conversions are examples of upgrades. There are a total of 7 chests to uncover. Free spins begin to count down using the active modifiers once they have all been located.

Since there is no predetermined number of free spins, the Battle Spins feature is perpetual. Players are instead given three lives, and the function expires when they are used up. The adversary might be a Merchant Ship or a Privateer Ship, chosen at random.

There are three different kinds of privateer ships: Dutch, British, or Portuguese, and each one can be beaten to receive a different reward. Pirate and privateer coins are used in the 3×3 grid battle. The current battle round is won by the side that scores the most coins.

You can get an additional life (up to three) for taking down a privateer, plus one spin with the compass feature and a reel of stacked wilds. A specific Opponents Victory Reward is also given to you:

  • British: All lucrative symbols have been transformed into treasure chests.
  • Portuguese: 2 symbol types, at most, become wild.
  • Dutch: The same symbols appear on three adjacent reels.

A life is lost if the battle against a privateer ship is lost. Despite the absence of the Opponents Victory Award or the compass multiplier, you still receive a free spin with stacked wild reels. However, players never gain a life for taking down merchant ships. There is no compass multiplier or Opponent Victory Reward in the next free spin, but there is a reel of stacked wilds.

Jolly Roger 2 Slot Demo: Verdict

The sequel, Jolly Roger 2 Slot Demo, is a far cry from the first. It would be like contrasting a Koenigsegg Agera with the first Audi Quattro. An overreaction? Most likely, but to see the improvements in slot development, play a little Jolly Roger 2 first, then have a blast with part 1.

The two games have some relationships, which is good. For instance, the first bonus game’s focus was on selecting treasure chests or locations to dig for rewards. Through scrolls or rum bottles, the second keeps the selection dynamic going.

The base game plays smoothly in addition to the upgraded features. This is a result of reasonably frequent, albeit small wins, the occasional modifier, and numerous two scatter teases to maintain interest levels. Of course, the bonus games are the real draw, and Play’n GO has created a selection of fantastic features to get excited about.

Because Battle Free Spins aren’t predetermined, they can last for a very long time, lengthening the action as wins mount. Even the ‘lowly’ Instant Prize or Bottle of Rum Free Spins, though, can be successful, especially if the compass function also turns on simultaneously.

Jolly Roger 2 Slot Demo is one of the best slots with a pirate theme there is. It includes excellent visuals, fantastic audio, and a number of alluring extra games. Play’n GO successfully caught the essence of the high seas and supported it with a sound mathematical model.

Jolly Roger 2 Slot Demo won’t appeal to gamers who prefer traditional bonus games, which is really the only issue. You wonder how much slots will change in the coming years when you consider the distance between part 1 and part 2.



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