Mega Pyramid Slot Review: RTP 96.18% (Red Tiger)

Are you curious about the Mega Pyramid slot review? Red Tiger is working hard to attract gamers these days. Instead of releasing the same games over and over, they are focusing on higher volatility content with distinctive features. 

A good example would be their newest slot machine, Mega Pyramid, which boasts top rewards of 5,000 times the entire bet while also delivering extreme volatility.

Best of Mega Pyramid Slot Review

Mega Pyramid Slot Review
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If you’ve been placing the maximum wager, you can convert that 5,000x top jackpot into a payout of $100,000. Free spins and the Pyramid Eye are two intriguing ways the game can enhance the player experience that you’ll find on the list of features. 

Despite having a lot of potential, this game will ultimately have 5 reels and 30 active lines, making it a fairly standard gaming area.

1. Betting Options

Even though it has a high potential, you can’t bet very much on it, most likely to keep the casino’s exposure to a minimum. The betting range will be $0.20 to $20, and it will be the same for all of the game’s lines.

With the wager options and the publicly stated maximum potential payoff of 5,000 times, Mega Pyramid can pay up to $100,000 for a single spin. Games typically have a significant level of unpredictability when providing rewards of that kind. 

The RTP for this game is set to 96.18%, which is a respectable figure but not one that should encourage you to play it (most slots are at 96% or higher).

2. Slot Features

Now let’s talk about its features. Unlike other slot machines, Mega Pyramid just has two options, making the list shorter.

Pyramid Eye, which offers you two different spin modifiers, will be the game’s first addition. The feature could activate during random spins, independent of your actions or the symbols you land on the reels. 

It will begin with the Eye of Providence, which is depicted at the top and fires a light beam upward before presenting you with a sign. With some luck, a random clone of that symbol may appear on the reels and pay you.

Three scatters, which must show up on all three reels, are required to start the free spins (1, 3 and 5). If just two scatters have appeared in that round, you could potentially use Pyramid Eye to provide you with the third scatter, although there is no assurance that it will.

You’ll be given 10 free spins in the game, and one random symbol throughout those spins will be given the potential to duplicate itself in other spots. If you obtain a high paying symbol to do this, it might bring you a lot of winnings because it occurs for every time that symbol appears on the reels.

3. Theme and Design

Due to its ties to Ancient Egypt, the game’s theme is about as dull as it sounds. The selection of symbols is not particularly uncommon, and they are common among Egyptian slots. 

We’d put pictures of Anubis, scarabs, papyrus, and Horus here. Card suites will be used at lower places.

Final Thoughts

In the end of Mega Pyramid slot review, the major advantage is that it has the potential to pay out significantly, up to 5,000x total bet. It has few functions, some of which can be tricky to activate, and neither the theme nor the images are particularly interesting. Choose what you want with situs slot gacor 2022 terpercaya.



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