Napoleon vs Rabbits Slot Machine: Exciting Online Slot with Big Win Potential

Napoleon vs Rabbits Slot

The Napoleon vs Rabbits slot machine takes place in a forest, and offers you to play with carrots, Napoleon, his hat, and his medal. These symbols can land you up to 1,000 times the bet in a single spin for winning cascades involving 49 squares. The stunt generated bunnies allow you to trigger free spins and a progressive multiplier. The maximum probable win here is 3,894 times the original bet.

Napoleon vs Rabbits Slot: Fun With Carrots In The Clearing

Napoleon vs Rabbits slot online game takes place inside a forest. In fact, it is a kind of clearing, except that instead of rolling hills, it is raised pieces of land that make up the terrain. We also note, in scattered clumps, a few bushes. 

To the same extent, trees with voluminous foliage should be counted. On these raised pieces of land, you will see artillery cannons mounted on wheels. The first cannon is located at the top right of the grid, while another cannon is at the bottom left. Depending on the evolution of the game, you can find them completely disassembled.

The Napoleon vs Rabbits game grid is a kind of sandbox. Indeed, the table is simply yellow. Inside, you will find green carrots, orange, red, and purple carrots. Alongside these symbols, there are others that pay better. It is the sword, the hat of Napoleon, the medal. The “W” stands for Wild. He is rivaled in this status by Napoleon himself.

Napoleon vs Rabbits Slot

Win Up To 1,000x The Stake In A Single Spin, Plus Free Spins, and A Progressive Multiplier

The Napoleon vs Rabbits slot features 7 columns cut by 7 rows in a winning cascading mechanic. The redistribution rate set at 95.45% can vary to 94% and 90%, on a volatility that is nevertheless invariably high. You can try this original slot for an amount between 0.10 and 100 euros per spin. You will thus take the risk of winning a probable maximum gain equivalent to 3,894 times the initial bet.

Napoleon vs Rabbits offers, with a view to generating wins, winning stunts that are likely to do more. Simple symbols can generate wins equivalent to 400 times the initial bet, for cascades involving 49 boxes. Other symbols can pay up to 1,000 times the original bet for the same cascading structure.

Indeed, if Napoleon is involved in winning stunts, a rabbit appears each time near the game grid. Once the stunts have stopped, a chase starts between Napoleon and the rabbits, the first being chased by the seconds. On the way, all crossed symbols are transformed into a Mystery symbol. At the end of the race, the Mystery symbols are all rotated into a single symbol, increasing your chances of winning, especially on nexus slot.

Likewise, all crossed Mystery Rabbit Boxes are immediately unlocked. Once unlocked, these mystery boxes deliver extra mystery symbols. If you unlock 3 Mystery Rabbit Boxes in a single streak, you win 7 free spins. During free spins, each new box rewards you with 3 extra spins, at the same time the multiplier increases by 1 more point. But you have to have won 3 prizes before.


You also have the option of buying these free spins directly. This will cost you the equivalent of 50 times the initial bet.

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