Supa Crew Slot Review (Medium Volatility, RTP 96.06%)

Supa Crew Slot Review
Supa Crew Slot Review

Do you need this Supa Crew slot review? Well, it will be ELYSIUM Studios’ first fruit machine, and it will have a design with bright colors and plenty of animations. 

In a style that reminds me of modern arcade games, it uses many characters and crystals as symbols, as well as particular characteristics that appear to have a Japanese influence. More information about how it works can be found below.

Summary Supa Crew Slot Review

Supa Crew features only 10 paylines and 5×3 reels. It’s not the sort to pay out a lot, with the top rounds paying up to 500x the stake, but it does have medium volatility and a 96.06% RTP. 

The 3×3 mega symbols, the Supa Crew Brothers respins, and enormous multipliers are among the major features we can expect from it.

1. Wagering and Prizes

Your bets will begin at $0.30 and climb from there, allowing you to stake up to $50 on a single spin.

500x the bet isn’t a lot for a modern slot machine in terms of possible winnings. The game’s benefit is that its volatility is only classed as a medium, although most rivals will give you better returns even at that degree of risk.

Supa Crew Slot Review

The fact that the RTP is a healthy 96.06% is confirmation that the Supa Crew gaming machine is doing the right thing, even if the benefits aren’t quite what we’d like.

2. Game Features

Although the combinations are easier to generate than you may imagine, this game slot is available with up to ten lines.  All you need is 3 matching symbols to line up, even if they’re on opposite ends of the line or in the center.

The Coin symbol occurs on the reels and can spin to reveal random symbols, depicting one of the Supa Crew members.

There’s also a Mega Coin variant, which takes up 3×3 spaces and contains 9 mystery symbols. They work the same way, except they provide you with a greater number of matching symbols at once. All lines get 3 matching symbols when these massive coins are used, ensuring that the wins are guaranteed.

There is also a multiplier symbol, which takes up 2×2 slots and spins to offer you a high multiplier.

The Supa Crew Brothers provide the last feature. These can happen, and you’ll get another opportunity to spin the Coin for a better symbol than the one you got the first time.

3. Story and Design

Supa Crew machine slot has a beautiful design, but it isn’t always obvious in the symbols. There are 2 brothers that can show adjacent to the reels, as well as a girl who can appear in the mystery symbol. 

However, premium symbols such as stars, toadstools, turtle shells, and bombs are available. 

Final Words

In the end of this Supa Crew slot review, it is a nice game, with a high-enough RTP and only medium volatility. It’s enjoyable to play at Result SGP site and simple on the eyes. Its distinctive features are a clear plus, but the low prize may deter some players.

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