5 Popular Types of Sport Betting That You Should Try

Types of Sport Betting

Do you know what are the types of sport betting? One of the things that makes sports betting so interesting is the variety of wagering options. 

You don’t have to wager on who will win the game; you may also bet on the margin of victory, the total amount of points scored, and a variety of other options. Well, in this article, you will find out more about it. 

What Are The Types of Sport Betting?

Sport betting is actually prohibited in the US, however, you can still try those games in some countries like UK, Canada, and so on. 

1. Money Line Bets

A moneyline bet is the simplest and most common of all bet kinds. When you bet on a team’s moneyline, you’re essentially wagering on them to win.

If you want to gamble on the New York Yankees to win, for example, you would bet on their moneyline. If the Yankees win, your wager is successful. If the Yankees lose, your wager is forfeited.

2. The Point Spread

A point spread bet is another popular sort of wager. When you bet on a spread, you’re betting on a team’s winning margin rather than the ultimate score.

A minus symbol denotes a favorite, while a plus symbol denotes an underdog. If a team is -7.5, for example, they must win by more than 7.5 points.

In this example, the opposition team would be given a +7.5 point spread, which means they must either win outright or lose by less than 7.5 points.

3. Over/Under Totals

The most common sports bet, aside from moneyline and spread bets, is point total. Because you’re betting on whether a total will go over or under, these bets are commonly referred to as over/under bets.

You wager on the total number of points scored by both sides when you place a total bet. The point total for a football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants, for example, is 45.5 points.

Only 38 points were scored if the final score was Eagles 21, Giants 17. As a result, the opponent is the winning wager.

4. Parlay Bets

A parlay bet is a wager on the outcome of multiple bets. To win a parlay, each “leg” or bet in the parlay must win in order for your wager to payout. You have a losing parlay ticket if you have a four-leg parlay and only three of the bets win.

A parlay is appealing to many gamblers because it allows them to risk a small amount and win a huge amount because their winnings are multiplied after each win. For instance, if you stake $10 on a five-leg parlay consisting of:

  • Moneyline for the Los Angeles Dodgers (-215)
  • Boston Red Sox Betting Odds (-155)
  • +4.5 for the Milwaukee Bucks (-110)
  • Bryce Harper (PHI) is +650 to hit a home run
  • Max Scherzer (WAS) will strike out over 8.5 batters (-105)

If all five of your bets win, you’ll win $663.80.

5. Teasers

In the same way that a parlay is related to numerous bets, a teaser bet is tied to multiple bets. The main difference is that it’s exclusively for point spreads, and it’s supposed to pay out the same as a single ordinary wager rather than a huge payout.

A teaser includes “teasing” the spread of multiple games in the bettor’s favor by a few or several points. Let’s imagine you wanted to perform a six-point teaser on two NFL games by betting the Detroit Lions and the New England Patriots, for example:

Original Line:

  • Detroit Lions at. San Francisco 49ers (+7.5)
  • New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins (-2.5)

Six-point Teaser Line

  • (+13.5) San Francisco Giants vs. Detroit Lions
  • New England Patriots (+3.5) vs Miami Dolphins

The Lions must win outright or lose by fewer than 7.5 points to qualify for a parlay, while the Patriots must win by greater than 2.5 points.

For a six-point teaser to be a winning wager, the Lions must win or lose by fewer than 13.5 points, while the Patriots must win or lose by fewer than 3.5 points.

There are five types of sport betting that you can try to play. Then, which one is the most interesting for you?. 

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