Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop Slot Machine Review ( Relax Gaming )

Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop slot demo is a War-themed Online Video Slot developed by Relax Gaming. The action takes place on a grid of 6 reels and 5 rows accompanied by a Scatter Pays mechanism. When eight or more similar symbols appear anywhere on the reels, you are rewarded. The default RTP of Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop is estimated at 94.8% and its volatility is high.

The maximum win displayed by this slot machine is 10,000x the bet and to play it, you must deposit an amount between 0.20 and 100 euros on each round of the game. The features of this device are numerous and include the function Dream Drop, Free Spins feature, Multiplier Reveal feature and Cascading Win mechanism.

Meet the Viking Gods

The Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop slot demo design is based on the famous vikings theme. In this game, players are invited into a warm universe to meet different Viking characters.

Contrary to what you are used to seeing, the action in this game does not take place in an icy place, but rather in a kind of tavern where the vikings gather once they have won a battle.

The atmosphere of this slot machine is very warm and the graphics are very sharp. In the background is a large table on which are placed large cups made of wood. Some of these cups are empty while others contain beer. You will even see a few being knocked over with their contents dumped on the table.

You will also see beer barrels placed on the left side of the screen. On both sides of the grille are two large windows with bars made of wood. The game grid has typical ornaments sometimes with horns, sometimes animal skins or even paint and lamps.

There are many payout symbols on the Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop slot demo paytable, and they are split into two groups. On one side, there are the low payout symbols, which are four stones that range in color from blue to green to purple to yellow. A reward of 0.4 to 0.5 times the wager is given for landing 8 of a single sort of symbol. When there are 12 identical symbols or more, this prize rises from 3 to 6 times the wager.

On the other hand there are the high payout symbols which consist of four viking faces and a fifth symbol which closely represents a boar. By forming a combination of eight symbols of one type, you get the reward of 1 to 10x the stake and 10 to 50x the stake from 12 and more matching symbols. A scatter sign and a bonus symbol for multipliers are both included in the game.

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Many Features Punctuate Your Adventure

Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop slot demo has a max win of 10,000x the bet and has a total of four features which are Dream Drop feature, Free Spins feature, Multiplier Reveal feature and Cascading Win mechanism .

The Cascade Mechanism

The mechanism of the cascades works as follows: when a scatter win occurs in the base game, the symbols on it are immediately removed and again fall on the reels to fill the gaps. You can get other cascades at any time provided you form a new scatter gain.

The Multiply Reveal Function

This feature is available in the base game and increases the winnings. Each game round, there are two Multiplier Reveal symbols that land on reels 3 and 4. Each of these symbols has a two-digit inscription with a counter and a multiplier.

The value of the latter decreases by -1 each time a cascade occurs on the same turn. It is only when the counter reaches 0 that the multiplier is activated with the aim of destroying all the adjacent symbols present on the reels, thus leaving the opportunity for new symbols to land.

Multiplier Reveal symbols will also be present among new adjacent symbols that will land. It is only at the end of your spins that the sum of the multipliers collected will be applied to all the winnings.

The Free Spins Feature

To activate the free spins feature, you need to collect a total of three Scatters during the base game. Once done, you get 6 free spins to continue your game. With a fourth Scatter obtained, you will receive an additional free spin on your counter.

Play in the free spins plays much like the base game with the only difference that when the Multiplier Reveal feature is activated, it adds additional values to the multiplier in place. This multiplier will be at the end of the free spins applied to your winnings. It should also be taken into account that each time a bonus symbol is obtained, it adds an additional free spin to your counter.

The Dream Drop Function

The Dream Drop feature can only be triggered randomly. Once activated, 5 reels will appear on the playing area displaying above each reel one of the jackpots listed in the game. Once the feature is running, there will only be DD symbols and the crates that will appear on the reels.

As the feature progresses, crates are destroyed and DD symbols that have become sticky remain in their place. Once these symbols have successfully filled a reel, their prize is awarded.

The jackpots concerned here are the Rapid, the Midi, the Maxi, the Major and the Mega which display the initial values of €1, €5, €100, €25,000 and €500,000 respectively. As for the mega, it is certain to see it land the first two times before reaching the million. Its level can reach up to 10,000,000 and remain stable at this amount.

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